What is Brand Yeezy

The Start of Brand Yeezy

Kanye West has actually had some form of brand Yeezy down for quite a long period of time. It is only since his Adidas collab where we have known Yeezy as a brand term.

Somewhere in many of his interviews between of 2013-2015, Kanye mentions that he actually went to art college and that music was more of a hobby. Due to his artistic background it has lead him to do fashion several collabs and then finally fully immerse himself into his own brand.

Footwear & Fashion Brands Kanye West has collaborated with:


Project Brand Year

·      Air Max 180 – College           Dropout (sample)

·      Air Yeezy 1

·      Air Yeezy 2






·      Carter Low – College Dropout






·      Drop Out Bear






·      Don

·      Mr Hudson

·      Jasper



Louis Vuitton





·      Personal Project







·      Cruel Summer


·      Women’s Sandal




Giuseppe Zanotti




·      Collection 1 & 2 APC 2013-2014

(Louis Vuitton – Don)

The Nike to Adidas Switch

It is very well documented or should I say publicised that after a fairly reasonable partnership with Nike, Kanye made the switch to Adidas in 2014. This was predominantly down to Nike refusing to give Kanye any form of royalty on any of the Yeezy sneakers. This is because Nike only gives royalties to athletes that it endorses. Perhaps Kanye asked for royalties because he had already mapped out the whole Yeezy clothing line and new sneakers of which he thought he would be able to do with Nike. However no sooner had Kanye left Nike he was signed to Adidas, something that he casually announced on a radio station when being interviewed. Within this deal, Kanye was getting royalties and was apparently getting a lot more creative control too.

Since this point there has been no looking back and essentially brand Yeezy was born.

Collaboration with Adidas

Since joining forces with Adidas we have seen both footwear and apparel but it has mainly been the footwear, that the brand is predominantly know for. So, with that said here is the Adidas Yeezy sneaker timeline:



Shoe Name Model
Grey/White 750
Turtle Dove 350
Pirate Black 350
Moonrock 350
Black 750
Oxford Tan 350
Winter Military Boot 950

Yeezy Boost 350 Grey

(350 Turtle Dove)


Shoe Name Model
Grey Gum 750
Brown Gum 750
Beluga 350 V2
Red 350 V2
Copper 350 V2
Green 350 V2
Black/White 350 V2
Core/Black 350 v2

Yeezy 750

(750 Grey Gum) 


Shoe Name Model
Zebra 350 V2
Cream White 350 V2
Semi Frozen 350 V2
Blue Tints 350 V2
White Powerphase
Wave Runner 700

(350 Zebra V2)


Name Model
Dessert Rat 500


The one thing that both footwear and apparel have in common is their expensive price points and their even more expensive resale values. I could do a whole post of resale Yeezy values.

Now I get that these products are not for the mass market and therefore economies of scale may not come into play, however Ye has even said himself that he wants the products to be affordable and the Yeezy brand to compete with the likes of Zara and H&M. Never the less the collections of clothing he has put out features an array of different garments usually in some type of earthy of pastel colourway for both men and women.


What is the future for Brand Yeezy?

I guess the obvious answer it is down to Mr West himself. Over the past year the brand has also ventured out making small jewellery pieces so that customer can fully accessorise themselves too. What would be interesting to see is, if the price point of the brand drops so that more people have access to it. Also, at the same time it will be interesting to see if a pop-up shop would open similar to when he released his merch off the back of The Life of Pablo album. If a pop opened you know the ques would be long for days.

So to round up…As you can see brand Yeezy has been around for a few years just in different adaptations with various brands. It is through his artistic curiosity that he strives to make brand Yeezy better but like with everything, time will tell as to whether brand Yeezy will be a heavy hitter in a fast-moving fashion industry.

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