Urban Panda Clothing – Born In Beijing, Raised in London

Urban Panda Clothing Cap Sun

I am really excited and likewise pleased to be able to showcase a new independent British brand and somewhat a first on the blog.

After going around the country to a number of sneaker/fashion events, I guess my efforts here on Fashbox have been recognised, not just because of the content that I produce but because I actually love the streetwear culture and when you get to interact with new brands it’s even better. Saying that, brand and style showcasing is something I want to do more often!

I have in no way shape or form been paid for this product/brand review but I think that it is important for me to highlight British streetwear brands when I get the opportunity, especially if they are new players in the market.

Right less of me blabbing and more about the brand…

The Urban Panda Brand

The brand takes the ‘urban’ part from finding its roots and style in the busy streets of Beijing and London however PANDA has more meaning to it than just another clothing name. It stands for Pioneering, Artistic, Noble, Daring and Aggressive (That Go Getter Attitude).

Dani the brand owner (also a top boy) wants the brand to bring a fashionable edge to the market but also wants the brand to inspire people to dream big.

The brand has already got links in the UK Grime scene having repped by different artists including the well known Big Narstie.

The Review

I have been fortunate to have been blessed with the mustard and black snapback, which I have had my eye on for a few months seeing as I would see the Urban Panda pop up shop at every event I’ve been too.

It is a baseball cap but does have elements of a trucker style within it. To start off the peak of the hat is permanently curved and is also angled down slightly too, giving added style to the overall design of the caps. The front two panels of the cap are quite high giving that traditional trucker cap look.

At the back it is a snapback so if you have a really big head you can adjust it easily. On the side it has a British Chinese flag and at the back near the snap fasteners there is embroidered Chinese writing, which I can only assume says Urban Panda in Chinese.

I am impressed with this style of the baseball cap as I know that caps can be difficult to manufacture. Also I really like this cap because if you know who Bryson Tiller is, well he always wears this style of caps. Even though I have the mustard colourway these caps also come in black and white and khaki and pink.

Like I said earlier it is really important to support independent brands as they are the driving force and innovators behind mainstream fashion.  So if you buy and support independent designers/brands you are going to be ahead of the game.

Check out the video review too, but in the meantime here are pictures of the cap (below). Let me know what you think and comment below if you have seen any cool independent brands recently?


Until the next one


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