Sneaks and Peaks – Birmingham’s Trainer Scene

Air Jordans 1

Sneaks and Peaks then…

This is the second sneaker/fashion event that I’ve been to this year and there’s potentially another three to go, which I’m going to try and make a big effort to get to (Drop a comment if you want to know when and where).

This event has been going for about four years and is probably the country’s second largest sneaker show after Crepe City.

Sneaks and Peaks Location

The event is located in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, which is about a 15 minute walk if you are coming in by train.

Event Highlights

On the sneaker front it was actually pretty varied with a nice collection of everything from Ultra Boost, Air Max, Asics, New Balance and even a table of just Nike SBs. This time I wasn’t drowning in Yeezys or Supreme.

It was good to see to see that Folsom Barbers Club was down providing fresh cuts along with local street artists who were painting up canvases.

As always there was a dedicated clothing room which gives the chance for independent clothing brands to come down and really show their talents. That said it was good to see GVMENT and Dark Circle there as they are a staple of the event but also the two biggest streetwear brands from the Midlands.

The Thoughts

Like Crepe City, Sneaks & Peaks is about bringing people together and I can say from going to this event over the years, I have met and made some good friends. More importantly though it’s ok for me to write about this event but the sneaker culture needs to keep growing in the Midlands and can’t just be a London thing.

If you are based in the Midlands get yourself to the next event and if you live further afield then make it a day out in Birmingham, come and do some shopping in the Bullring and then have dinner at the Mailbox. For £3 entry you cannot go wrong and there is beer and pizza at the event too.

It’s great that this event exists and Birmingham along with the rest of the Midlands should be proud, as that it allows this culture to have a focal point in the region.

If you want to know anymore about the event drop a comment and I will see you and the next Sneaks and Peaks later in the year.

Visuals from the day below.


Yes Please!

Dark Circle Jacket

Kids Air Jordans

That Ralph though

Kaws Figures

Air Jordans 1

Absolute Classic…agree?

Good friends From Rascals Vintage. Check them out here

Max Apparel

stance socks

Stance Socks in the building

Five Geezy’s for the Yeezy’s

Drop a comment if you rate these Diadora

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