It went down like this at Sneaker Con London

Well guess who’s back at it again with another UK sneaker event review? That’s right people I headed down to London to the first Sneaker Con outside the US of A.

The Sneaker Con Beginnings

So the back story of Sneaker Con was to give the culture a place to showcase itself whilst making it affordable for brands to be seen. The company itself was started and is run by Alan Vinogradov, Barris Vinogradov and Yu-Ming Wu who are all New York natives and good friends. The first event was held back in 2006 in Times Square and in the early days it was hard to convince traders and vendors to even show up. In some cases they would give trading space away just to fill the venue. The show owners really wanted to help young clothing brands too, by allowing them to showcase themselves at an affordable price and not have to pay thousands like traditional trade events.

The Event

With that back story out of the way let me tell you about the scale/size of the event. Sneaker Con is the biggest mainstream sneaker event in the world (from what I know) and hosts events right across America. This year the convention will be hitting cities including San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and others. However coinciding with the popularity of Sneakertubers (sneakerheads on Youtube) the company has brought two events outside of the US to London and Melbourne, Australia. Having seen some of the events in the US, thousands of people are going to these events and I mean a good 10-15 thousand are coming through the gate. So when you ask how big is Sneaker Con…it’s big!

So Sneaker Con UK took place at London Olympia which is in the Kensington area of London and as it was sunny it brought everybody out from mums, dads, families and celebs.

As the event now has serious connections with well known brands and Youtubers well… they came out in force. These were brands like Crep Protect and Reshoevn8r and in terms of Youtubers people like; Qias Omar, Firekicks, Two Js, Money Kicks, Boost God and more. Money Kicks even brought Anthony Joshua to the event for a bit as a special guest. There was a keymaster machine which was sikk, Crep Protect had two massive stands one to get your sneakers cleaned and another was a quarter court basketball area to shoot hoops and win prizes.  As usual there were lots of resellers and of course streetwear brands both from the UK and some had made the trip from the US. Also something a little different was, in one part of the hall there was a ‘Trading Pit’, where literally people turned up and traded sneaks or merch.

The Round Up

In short is this the best sneaker event that I’ve been to…no. Would I go back to it again…yes! Granted it was the organiser’s first time out of the States leniency will be given. I can imagine it was difficult to manage the process of putting on the event and having to organise from over the Atlantic.

As lots of things were going on I’m going to bullet point the positives and negatives of the event.


  • Good to see YouTubers and how powerful YouTube has become
  • Cool to see a keymaster machine
  • You could do a 360 degrees action shot of your sneakers (I didn’t get chance to 🙁 )
  • Good to see big brands getting involved and their stands were decent
  • I liked the idea of the Trading Pit
  • Interesting to see that brands had traveled over from the US
  • Self lacing Nike Air Mags were in the building!
  • Thanks to Sneaker Con for putting on another event where the culture can get together and interact.


  • Queued for two hours to get in
  • Probably should have used the bigger hall and not just the west hall
  • The line for the YouTubers especially Qias was too long and kind of divided the hall up. Likewise there were big lines for the keymaster and basketball and made the hall not flow.
  • The trading pit was a free-for-all! It’s a good idea but people should have allotted times for when they can trade which again would reduce the clutter and lines. Made it harder sometimes getting silky shots for you guys.
  • Food and drink situ was the worst. It was no Sneaks & Peaks streetfood masterpiece.
  • Overall selection (for me personally) didn’t seem quite there.
  • Most expensive show I’ve been too at £20

It was great to see some familiar faces there, all the different sneaks and what people were wearing. For me Crepe City is still the grail but other UK shows are catching up and getting bigger each time.

Here’s a short video from the day but let me know what you think of the pics from the event, I always appreciate the feedback/questions and more importantly thanks for reading.

Visuals from the day


Yes dry covers are a thing!

Signed 750 Boost

Yeezy 350 V2 Triple White

Nike Suptempo

Did you get any of the Suptempos when they dropped?


New Phone! Who Dis?

YouTuber : Tonyd2wild

Take your pic*

YouTuber and Urban Necessities owner – Two Js Kicks

Urban Panda Clothing

Can you name this piece? Drop in the comments below

When you don’t wait in the line for 2 hrs but YouTuber Qias Omar know the deal

Name that silky sneak

Nike More Uptempo

Supreme Vans

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