Rope Laces – The New Age Shoe String

Rope Laces

Kanye once said, “Reebok baby, you need to try some new things. Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?”

Well besides those thoughts, shoe strings are starting to become extremely popular again especially with a new player in town.

Rope Laces are now the laces to have in your fresh new footwear as opposed to having regular laces. There will always be a place for the traditional flat lace, but why settle for that? Lets add some colour, dimension some real heat to those new sneaks that you just bought.

Rope Laces as you’ve guess are a tube like lace that offer a strong standout look, that complement the trainer. If you are a real sneakerhead and worried about incorrect colours then don’t . There are several colourways specially designed for particular shoes. The real nice thing about Rope Laces though is the laces can offer two colours in the one lace because of the way the ropelace is constructed.

Rope Laces are definitely in trend at the moment and go well with the urban athletic running shoe style that seems to be sneakerheads shoe of choice at present, these incude sneaks like Asics Gel Lites, Saucony OG’s or Grids, Puma Trinomics, Adidas Orginals or Nike Pegasus, Roche or Huarache.

Maybe you have may tried them in another sneak…let us know. Create a Fashbox account and leave us a comment!

Our good friends at Ropes Laces will be able to take your shoe string game to the next level.

Never get tied down again.

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