Review: Sprayground Backpack (with pics) – Worth the Money?

sprayground ghost chenille shark black

For some people backpacks are not really a fashionable item however when you have a company like Sprayground bringing unique, limited edition bags to the table, theeen maybe there’s an argument to say that backpacks are fashionable.

Who Are Sprayground then?

Sprayground has not been around for 20 years like some of those well established streetwear brands but the way they go about their business they certainly have had a massive impact in the market place. The company itself was founded in 2011/12 and now in terms of bags, it is up there with the likes of Northface, Jansport and Herschel. This is probably because of some of the massive collabs that they have done and likewise this is how I found out about the brand, when they collaborated with NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Junior on his own bag collection.

My Thoughts On the Backpack

The bag I went for was the Ghost Chenille Shark back pack in black and here’s what I liked and were I thought improvements could be made.


  • Velour lined laptop pouch and sunglasses pouch
  • Detail of the Shark patchwork is great
  • Rubber 3D Logo stamp
  • Logo zips
  • Good amount of pockets including the sprayground secret pocket


  • Naked handle of top –Would have preferred a cushioned handle
  • A bit more depth on the bag (an inch bigger)
  • Reinforced bottom – Not just padding helping with durability of the bag
  • Bigger External pocket
  • Price – A tad expensive in my own opinion
The Round up

So there you go, as it is a particular time of the year where you may be buying presents hopefully this can help you or if you’re just wanting to “Treat Yo Self”.

So is it worth the money? I guess there are two sides of the coin here. Yes and No. Yes you are getting a limited edition bag and the design will never be brought out again. They are super dope looking too and you do get those Bape and Supreme vibes. No because in my own personal opinion they are some areas of improvement that would justify that price but your opinion may differ. However the brand sees themselves as a premium streetwear brand so that is their price point. Overall though, I am happy with the bag and look forward to my adventures with it.

Let me know if you’re feeling the sprayground backpack vibes or even if you’ve got one? If you want to know more fire the questions into the comments below! In the mean time enjoy the photo vibes.


sprayground ghost chenille shark black labelsprayground ghost chenille shark blacksprayground ghost chenille shark blacksprayground ghost chenille shark black back labelsprayground ghost chenille shark blacksprayground ghost chenille shark black

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