Air Yeezy (Red October) by Kanye West

Red October by Kanye West

If you already follow us on social media you should know by now that we love Kanye West because of his mission to conquer the fashion world. We have always liked Kanye because you have to admit, he has put out good music over the past ten years, both on a production level and lyrically.

Since he ‘went in’ when interviewed by BBC radio one presenter Zane Lowe in 2013, it suddenly dawned on us that he actually might be on to something here in terms of the fashion world and he has been portraying this through his music for the last decade.

Air Yeezy Collection

The third part of the Air Yeezy 2 collection that originally was meant to be released in October 2013, was released in February 2014. We posted a few pictures on our social media when they were first confirmed and we knew at that point, that these were going to be fire. With the Kardashian family and select celebrities being able to walk around in the Kanye designed shoe, the demand was always going to be ridiculous.

How much are Red Octobers?

The shoe sold out globally in less than an hour originally priced at $245 (approx £146) direct from With the demand being so high for the limited edition Red October sneaker, resale values are through the roof. If the shoe is unworn, with original receipt and box they can start resale for £3000 plus. Recently we came across an article stating that somebody had paid up to £90,000 which was either a lie or somebody has way to much spare cash.

Why Kanye Left Nike

Even with a highly successful shoe it hasn’t been plain sailing for Mr West with the releasing of the Red October sneaker. During the sign off days of the Red October project, Kanye got frustrated with Nike and publically aired his issues with the company in multiple radio interviews. Whether this caused the delay in the sneaker being released we’re not sure, but they both parted ways at the end of 2013.

Kanye and Adidas Collab

No sooner had this happened Adidas were in the picture and signed Kanye to design a range of shoes. This Adidas deal included royalties, something that Nike would not give Kanye because he wasn’t an athlete.

According to reports Kanye has already sat down and designed the whole range, which was in collaboration with shoe designer Jeremy Scott.

Could the Adidas and Kanye West deal spark a new sneaker war between the footwear giants? After the popularity and demand for the Air Yeezy, did Adidas have to move quickly to secure Kanye’s talents? If they didn’t would it have been the missed opportunity of the decade for Adidas?

In terms of a product name we think that Kanye should just go with his second name ‘West’. Not ‘Yeezy 3’ or ‘The Yeezus Shoe’ he needs to leave that immaturity at Nike if he’s going to work with a shoe manufacture that has a strong reputations with working with bona fide fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, Rick Owens and legendary Y3 designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Does this deal mean that Adidas recognize Kanye as a genuine fashion designer? I mean Kanye did design his own Margiela sneaker for his tour so I guess the real answers will only be seen when the sneaker finally releases and if they live up to the hype.

Let’s see what you’ve got Mr West! DO YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS?!?

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