Pharrell Williams – The Definition of Cool

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams will be turning 41 this year but has easily been the coolest cat on the urban scene for the last 10-15 years.

Born and raised in Virginia USA he was the eldest of three boys. Pharrell has often stated that growing up he was very different and wasn’t your stereotypical young black male. Instead he was interested in skateboarding, cartoons and space. His interest in skateboarding was so intense it earned him the nickname of skateboard at school.

As a young teen Pharrell met Chad Hugo at a summer band camp and from here a creative and long lasting friendship was formed. Being both very musically talented they formed The Neptunes. It was at a high school talent show in their final year were they were discovered and were signed straight away as performing artists but also producers.

Pharrell is also part of the three piece group called No one Ever Really Dies (N.E.R.D) which again features Pharrell, Chad Hugo and the addition of Shay Haley. In the mists of producing and being part of his collective music groups, Pharrell has managed to find time to release two solo albums too.

Besides Pharrell’s musical talent he has many business interests too. He co owns Star Trak record label which is estimated to have a net worth of $155 million (Approx £94 million). Star Trak has released some huge hits over the past few years including Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. He owns and operates a Youtube channel called ‘i am OTHER’ and probably what he is most recognised for, is his fashion lines of Billionaire Boys Club clothing and Ice Cream Footwear.

Pharrell’s fashion creativity has also been used by other companies to design furniture and also by luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton to design sun glasses and high end jewellery.

Pharrell is definitely a fashionista in his own right, creating his own styles that many have copied. He has consistently been named, ‘Best Dressed Male’ by a number of prominent fashion publications over the years and now has a big sneaker collaboration with Adidas.

Although Pharrell is a heart throb to the ladies, in October 2013 he married his long term girl friend Helen Lasichanh. The couple already had welcomed a son into the world in 2008, whose name is quite perfectly chosen as Rocket Man Williams. He does like the space theme doesn’t he!

Earlier this month Pharrell released his second solo album called ‘GIRL’ and said that he was, “Making really good music from a really good place”. Adding that he was enjoying his music like never before. We will have a full review of this album very soon.

With Pharrell turning 41 this year (still can’t believe this) he certainly set a standard for many artists within the music industry. Many fellow artists have gone on the record saying that Pharrell is possibly one the most talented producers the world has ever seen and likewise is one of the nicest people within the music industry.

When we look at Pharrell closely it is quite clear to see that Pharrell and Fashbox share common ground. We do not do normal, conform to society’s stereotypes or walk the prescribed human path of life. Pharrell embodies the ethos of not being normal, quirky and different but most importantly believing in yourself at all time and chasing your dreams.

Whatever Pharrell is doing he is the definition of cool!

Pharrell Williams Fashion

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