Nike Pantheos Sneaker Review (with pics) – Heat on The Feet 003

Nike Pantheos Front Left

Firstly, I’m going to start off and say that the Nike Pantheos trainers are probably the best holiday sneaker out there for 2017/2018. A big shout I know but I’ll explain why later.

Technically this is the third in the Heat on The Feet series and if you want to check out the previous two you can, they were reviews on the Adidas Iniki and the Supreme Uptempo.

Its History

Originally the sneaker was birthed in the early 90’s and was called the Nike Pantheon and having taken a look at the Pantheon, the Pantheos does pay homage to its past. You can tell that originally the Pantheon shoe was a runner from its build. I’m sure that you would still be able to run/train in the Pantheos trainer but it wouldn’t be the first reason as to why you would buy them.

How to style

Personally, when I am looking at trainers nowadays a couple of thing go through my mind when I’m in purchasing mode. Firstly, are they fresh to death? Secondly, can I wear them in both summer and winter and by that, I mean, do the sneakers look good with both jeans and shorts. If I can’t wear them in both summer and the winter, I really must weigh up as to whether the sneaker I’m about to spend money on is worth it.

In this case I can definitely say the Pantheos goes well in all seasons. Also because they are a retro trainer not only do they go with today’s looks but if you’re heavy into your 80s and 90s looks and style, then these would be a go to pair of Nikes.


Round Up and Personal Opinion

  • £65 …. Affordable AF! Buy two pairs
  • Most slept on trainer of 2017/18
  • If you’re into your retro fits…this is your shoe
  • If you are going to Ibiza or similar places your shoe game is going to have levels.
  • Nike have released some absolute fire colourways and I’m strongly considering getting another pair.

Drop a comment if you rate these retros and if you have a pair. In the meantime enjoy the pics below of the current Pantheos colour that I have (off white, neon pink and black).

Until the next one.

Nike Pantheos Front Left

Nike Pantheos Back

Nike Pantheos Front Left













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