Nike Air Max 1 Sneaker Review (with Pics) – Premium Pack – Heat on the Feet 006

Nike Air Max 1 Infrared/Black close up

Now firstly I have to admit that these are my first pairs of Air Max 1s and have been a long time coming. I have always been a fan, but I’ve never pulled the trigger on a pair and then I go and fire both barrels and get two (no half measures). Talking of size, I will 100% say that if you are a particular size then you will be that size. So yes the Air Max 1s are true to size.

The Air Max 1 has been a staple for Nike over the years and originally was the first sneaker that featured the ‘Air’ technology. Designed by Nike’s most recognisable designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 1 has been released in pretty much every colourway under the sun. This one trainer has become so culturally big that there is a book specifically on this model and also there is a globally recognised Air Max day (Yes, I know it includes other members of the Air Max family but still).

Some of the most recognisable colourways of the Air Max 1 have been:

  • Original Blue/white
  • Original Red/ white
  • Elephant Atmos
  • Safari Atmos
  • Curry

The two pairs that I now own are from the Premium Pack in the infrared/black and platinum/sail colourways.

Let me know if you own a pair of Air Max 1s and what your favourite colourways are down below!?!

If you missed my last HOTF, it is a review of the review the Adidas i9523 check it out! In the meantime, here are a few photos from the pairs of Nike Air Max that I now own.

See you in HOTF 007


Nike Air Max Platinum/Sail

Nike Air Max on foot

Nike Air Max Platinum/Sail 2

Nike Air Max Platinum side

Nike Air Max 1 Infrared/Black

Nike Air Max 1 Infrared/Black 2

Nike Air Max 1 Infrared/Black 3

Nike Air Max 1 Infrared/Black close up

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