Mercedes Benz S65 AMG Coupe – Business Beauty

Mercesdes S65 Coupe AMG

Mercedes Benz have released the ‘hella’ new 2015 S65 AMG Coupe.

Sitting on 20” alloy wheels, the sporty yellow callipers underneath just remind people what you’ve paid for this Benz.

So what about the important stuff?

This new Mercedes has a V12 6 Litre, twin turbo engine with 621 horse power and does 0-60mph in 4 seconds with a top speed of 155mph (faster in North America).

With an enlarged grill, seven speed gear box and nappa leather seats, this S65 Mercedes is a car of; power, elegance and beauty. This particular Benz gives the owner a lot of power under the bonnet whilst still giving a comfy ride. This is certainly not just a weekend car but instead for the businessman or businesswomen who is on the path of success and demands respect both in the workplace and on the road.

With a price tag of between £97,000 (entry) and £184,000 (bells & whistles), Mercedes will look to introduce the car into the market late 2015.

However you may be interested in something with a bit more power and is a 4×4, no worries check out  the Mercedes G Wagon.

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