A Mercedes Benz Beast for Those who Need a Little More Room

Mercedes Benz g65amg

So you carry a lot of stuff, you like to have space when you drive, you always seem to have extra passengers, you like to drive a vehicle that has a little flare and you need to get to your destination fast.

Can we suggest the Mercedes G65 AMG, which by the way has a V12 engine.

The Mercedes Benz G65 AMG is currently the fastest in the SUV class and it should be when it is packing Mercedes AMG’s twin turbo charged 6 litre V12 under the hood. Such fine specimens of engines are usually reserved the likes of the S65 and SL65 AMG models.

With its militarised straight forward design and sitting on 20” alloys, you’re certainly going to look the dominant part, probably the road will be parting like the red sea when the people in front see you in their rear view mirror. Not only will the lucky people sharing the road will be able to see you they will be able to hear you too. This German whip with it humungous engine will do 0-60mph in 5 seconds with a top speed limited to 142mph. If you’ve ever heard the G63 V8 version (which we have) the G65 V12 is going to let your road neighbours in for a treat. The vehicle is fully decks out in sporting trim, so your passengers will get the full AMG experience too. This SUV has certainly got enough power to get you out of a muddy field or even up a vertical cliff face.

With winter just having arrived and the possibility of heavy snow you may as well get your order in now!

Are you feeling the G65? Do you need a V12 under the hood in an SUV?

Are you more coupe than 4×4 person? Check out Mercedes S65 that might take your fancy…skrr skrr.

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