Marlon Craft – New York’s New Rap Star

Marlon Craft New York Rapper

I haven’t written about music artists for a while but I think I’m on to a good one here. Let me introduce Marlon Craft.

I was actually was put on to Marlon’s music by a friend (cheers DC) from which I have tried to do my best to find out as much as I can about this up and coming New York rapper.

I will be really honest, there’s not too much info about this artist but he’s young, raw and more videos I watch of him free styling, I feel like I could write a lot about him.

Where is Marlon Craft From?

He is from the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, New York. Over the years I think most would agree it has been hard to be a new rap artist from New York with such historic names like Biggie and Jay Z coming this area but also requiring to have a particular flow too.

I cannot actually find Marlon’s age but by the looks of it he’s about 22ish and also white (as you can see). Unfortunately he will have to fight the typical white rapper stereotype of “Oh you’re trying to be the next Slim Shady”. It’s unfortunate, however, because Eminem has left such a big footprint and is arguably the biggest rapper of all time, it’s just something he’ll have to deal with. Weirdly he does remind me little of an 8 mile scenario but I think that people will respect that as he continues to rise.

What I like About Him

Personally what I like about Marlon is firstly he can rap but in all of his media that he is featured in (Youtube videos) he brings back that raw essence of when current rappers who were trying to make it and were going hard on Youtube. I used to religiously watch the likes of Wiz Khalifa, MGK, Kid Ink and Tyga back in 08/09 when YouTube was still young and these ‘new’ artists were doing the raw ‘Day in The Life/ Day to Day’ videos…and look how far these artists have come.

The Round Up

There is something definitely special about this kid and he is going as hard as he can and it looks like he is doing most of the stuff himself and is really learning his craft.

I think for a lot of the rap purists Marlon Craft is the true version of New York rap. He even admits that as a young artist, he sometimes battles with making a track that would be perceived to be good by the norms of today’s rap culture, versus a track that he is actually happy with and means something to him.

The first track that I was introduced to was ‘New York Shit’. Again the visuals for this video are on point.

However if you want to see how good his lyrical flows actually are Marlon does a 1 minute rap riding the subway in the five boroughs of New York…just go and watch the vids on Youtube and you’ll see what I mean.

I really do think that Marlon is potentially the new superstar of New York rap and this is coming from and British blogger. His work rate, flow and general lyrics are up there and at such a young age too.

All I can say is keep up the good work Marlon and we’ll get a Youtube interview sorted one day soon!

Let me know what you think to Marlon and if you think he is the new King of the New York game.

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