Laces Out – The Best Northern Sneaker Event in the UK

So for the third installment of this year’s sneaker events after Crepe City and Sneaks & Peaks, I headed up to Liverpool for the best Northern sneaker out there…Laces Out.

Laces Out has been going for a few years now but over the last year or so it’s really started to pick up momentum. I’ve struggled to get to this particular event but thankfully made it up this time.

After the demise of 6Acre (RIP) in Manchester, the north of the country has struggled to have a signature sneaker event where vendors, artist and generally people about the culture can get together. I went to one of the early 6Acre events and thought that it was moving in the right direction but the event came to a halt, which kind of opened the door for Laces Out.

The Event

The event itself takes place at the Camp and Furnace which is in Baltic Triangle to be precise. If you are travelling by train and arriving in to Lime Street it’s about a 10-15 minute walk and if you’re travelling by car there is parking nearby.

At this event there was a massive contingent of old school (retro) dead stock Adidas trainers which was kind of to be expected with Adidas having strong roots in the North West. Local Liverpool favourite Transalopino was there, selling a large selection of Adidas but also their own merch.

With the event being the largest it has ever been it was split across two halls with a bar in the middle (Good Layout) and additional presentation rooms off to the side. The smaller hall mainly had merch, which include retro sportswear vibes and I did see a vintage Manchester United Adidas shirt at a cool £150. In the bigger hall it was mainly sneaker sellers but there were also artists (paint/woodwork etc), food vendors and even a cut throat barber for a fresh trim.

The Round Up

As it was my first time to the event I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely wasn’t let down. Out of all of the events that I’ve been too over the years this is probably the best in terms of vibes. It wasn’t a hypebeast parade and it was not a clique event. In fact it was a very chilled out and people of all ages who enjoy the trainer culture were there having a good time.

What was unique about this event was there were sit down presentations and panel discussions with well know sneaker enthusiasts etc, however I didn’t manage to get into these as they were full.

It was £8 for general entry (online) £10 on the door as I found out which is a little dear but I hope as the event gets bigger the price comes down slightly.

With the urban culture scene being quite big between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds it would be interesting if Laces Out could be taken on the road and move the event between the cities. This would only help the Laces Out brand gain further exposure and engage with new people.

This event is definitely heading in the right direction and even the Laces Out merch looked fire. So Laces Out keep up the good work and keep building!

A special shout out to my friends Jake, Ant, Harriet and James who came along to the event too. Ant even copped a pair of New Balance whilst he was there.

Check out the video of the day but below are some of the visuals I got from the day. Enjoy!

Panda Clothing Brand

Jordan 11

Are these the best Jordan 11’s ever made?

Ant’s New Balance

It’s a craft

Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Do you know what sneaker this is?

Good to see this…More vendors need to do this at events!

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