King LeBron James Goes Home

Lebron James Im coming home

Lebron James Im coming homeAfter 4 years with the Miami Heat and exercising free agency LeBron James has decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he made his name.

After a very public ordeal, LeBron gave a live televised announcement on ESPN in 2010 about his move to Miami, which many thought was very over the top and not needed. He was unveiled along with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade as one of the ‘Three Kings’ and very confidentially stated that they were going to win a minimum of 10 championships and produce a brand of play the league had never seen before.

Well… they did something but it wasn’t as heroic as James originally stated. However James won two championships in the space of 4 years and made the NBA finals every year that he was with the Heat.

Perhaps the 4 year honeymoon had sadly come to an end, maybe he had outgrown Miami or as critics were saying, LeBron had finally grown up! Interestingly enough when LeBron decided to leave the Cavs in 2010 aged 25, it was the first time that the 6 ft 8 power forward had actually left his home in Ohio.

As soon as there was speculation that LeBron was thinking of moving on from the Heat in late June, the rumour mill was rife with every pundit giving their two penneth on his next move. When LeBron released a statement saying he was leaving Miami he said that his time was special but now was the right time to move on. He explained that he was more mature and his time in Miami almost felt like they were his college years, fully experiencing life.

Having left the Cavs as a boy and now returned as a man LeBron has signed a monumental 2 year deal to the greater good of $42 million dollars…wow!

The real question to be asked is, will there be any Miami Heat fans next season?


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