Artist Spot Light/ Album Review – Kid Ink /My Own Lane

Kid Ink

It’s a new year so let’s look at an up and coming artist…Kid Ink.

We found Kid Ink a few years ago whilst Youtubing one day and since then have followed his journey to where he is today.

Kid Ink is a 27 year old Los Angeles based rapper who is going from strength to strength each year. He is primarily known for his music but he is also known for his tattoos which basically cover the whole of his body.

In the past Kid Ink has put out mixtapes such as Rocketship Shawty, Daydreamer and Crash Landing which built him a steady path up to his first studio album ‘Up and Away’ which was independently released.

After signing to the RCA record label Kid Ink’s second studio album, ‘My Own Lane’, shows the progression and vision the artist has from his earlier mixtape exploits and first album.

So what did we think?

My Own Lane is definitely an L.A. sounding album with the track tempo being very slow but you are able to hear every beat and every lyric.  There are a couple of tracks that are produced by DJ Mustard, who is probably the hottest producer in the rap game right now. The notable big artists such as; Chris Brown, Tyga, Meek Mill and Pusha T, that he has managed to get to work with him, is testament to where artists in the industry think he is heading.

For many of people that are not aware of Kid Ink and LA’s modern rap music, this album will take some getting used to. It may be an album that you may listen to for a week not like it and then in a month’s time you cannot get enough of it.  This new age LA style is not like a NWA, Game or Dr Dre but seems to be moving away from the gangbanging days. Instead the lyrical content talks more about luxury brands, material possessions and other luxury related ideals heavily influenced from a rnb style. Making rap somewhat more explicit in areas, non violent and polite at the same time.

If you are expecting ‘My Own Lane’ to be a party starter then you will be disappointed. In our opinion it is more a of a feel good relaxing album, which if you close your eyes for five minutes, it will make you feel like you are in LA. But it’s not to say that we wouldn’t have it on our play list if we were throwing a party.

Our favourite two tracks on the album are; Hello World and if you have the deluxe album Money And The Power.

We cannot wait to hear what the next instalment of music will be from Kid Ink and when it will arrive but one thing we do know for certain is that this ‘kid’ has a good career in front of him!


Fashbox Album Rating (Kid Ink – My Own Lane) – 7/10

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