Kanye West Performs at Glastonbury like a Rockstar?

Kanye West at Glastonbury

Well Glastonbury came like a flash in the pan and if you blinked you missed it. Holding out in fairly decent British weather there was one particular moment that stood out that involved non other than Saturday night’s headliner, Mr West.

Towards the end of the two hour set, Kanye screamed down the mic that he was the greatest living rockstar on the planet. With that statement made social media blew up with people wanting to put their two-penneth in about the remark, so guess what we are too.

Kanye’s Glastobury Performance

We had various friends that both loved and hated the performance for a number of reasons but we are breaking it down into two areas artistry and product.


As an artistic performance it was almost on point, with minor details that possibly could have been tweaked. It was kept minimal and with the lighting it was like watching a picture being painted. The technical team did a pretty good job too, as we can only imagine at times it was hard with autotune sections and various other audio requirements needed.


Kanye has said that he is a product person and we feel as an overall product it lacked. He is the head of GOOD music which has huge rap artists such as Big Sean, 2Chainz and Pusha T to its name. So when ‘Mercy’ started playing imagine if these guys would have stepped out. This year Kanye has released two tracks with Sir Paul McCartny, where was his invite? Remember Mr Hudson or even Estelle? If Kanye is such an obsessive about good product why did he not add the additional pieces (artists) to make the product complete? Seeing as he is promoting brand Yeezy why didn’t he wear some of his Adidas collection? Where were the Yeezy 350 boost that was he launched that Saturday morning of Glastonbury? Instead he wore possibly Margiela or APC denim and the Yeezy combat boots that are not available yet. Therefore because of these particulars we feel it was not quite up to par.

Positively we give Kanye credit for not walking offstage after Lee Nelson crashed the stage and also the number of hits that Kanye has actually had…wow there were a lot!


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