Journey Through Visual Merchandising with Cory Barrett

Cory Barrett Interview - Coventry

If you are thinking about a career in visual merchandising, or have ever thought what the job role might entail then you are in the right place.

Welcome back and actually I’m going to keep this post pretty short because this post is a lead into the video interview that I recently did. This interview was the first in the ‘Sit Down With’ series where I interview successful people about their careers and more importantly get them to share their stories of what it takes to get to the top.

For this interview I need to give a massive thank you to Cory Barrett who came through to the studio to share his story about his visual merchandising career.

Cory started at the bottom from window dressing and doing basic store displays in Topman. He kept learning and learning and it eventually paid off with him going to the very top and becoming head of visual merchandising at Tiffany & Co in New York. In this interview we find out about Cory’s thoughts, skills set needed for visual merchandising and mindset, which in turn helped him further his career. He drops knowledge, as well as key tips for what it takes to get to the top of this profession.

Also shout out to Adam Goss who co-directed the interview and took the shots below.

Please click >>> Here<<<< which will take you to the YouTube video, take a watch/listen and more importantly subscribe, as I will be releasing more video and interview content.

Before you watch the video, here are some shots from the studio.


Fashbox & Cory Barrett

Cory Barrett

Cory Barrett

Fashbox & Cory Barrett Interview

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