Jay Z – From the Game to Game Changer

Jay Z Business Man

2013 is set to be another standout year for Jay Z with his Magna Carta (Holy Grail) album reaching number one in both the UK and US charts.Not only this but he also is about to release dates for a Magna Carter world tour, which looks to be on track to sell out in no time at all. Jay Z has a flashy but humble celebrity lifestyle, which everyone would love a piece of but it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the man they call HOVA.

Jay Z real name Shawn Corey Carter was born and raised in Marcy House, a housing project in Brooklyn, New York. A housing project that would gain a bad reputation for gun violence and getting young people involved in the hustling of drugs. Jay Z would follow suit and became involved in the selling of drugs, as the money was fast and upfront. There was even a time where Jay Z aged 12 ‘let the hammer bang’ (shot) on his own brother for stealing a piece of jewellery, who was dealing with his drug addiction problems.

When drugs and guns weren’t on Jay Z’s mind his love for music was apparently keeping him family awake at night, drumming beats out around the house. His single parent mom would recognise this and bought him a boom box.  As a teenager he would let his musical talent show playing beats and freestyling over them.

His original nickname ‘Jazzy’ would then shorten to what we know as Jay Z. He would release his debut single in 1995 called, ‘In My Lifetime’. From 1995 he has released several multi platinum, award winning albums which include The Blueprint, The Black Album and Watch The Throne. His latest offering, Magna Carta (Holy Grail) is another chapter in the Jay Z music story again showing why his name could and should be placed up there with the likes of Tu Pac and Biggie Smalls.

Away from music Jay Z is a business mogul in which his natural talent flares again. With an approximate net worth of over $500million dollars his business interests include clothing lines, night clubs, part ownership of a NBA team and his own sport management group.

Jay Z is married to Beyonce Knowles who is arguably is the best female performer of her generation and together form the ultimate entertainment power couple. In 2010 they had a daughter called Blue Ivy in which the couple tried to trademark her name but the US Patent and Trademark Office ruled against this.

Jay Z has come a long way from his drug dealing days but shows the true essence of a rags to riches story. He has entertained millions, inspired new music artists and created new sub cultures within society. Whether it is his music or being a businessman, Jay Z will certainly be remembered for being an icon to a modern day generation.

Jay who has been the rap game’s ultimate king for a number of years now holds his place at the top now through his long standing work however times change and during late 2000’s and into the twenty teens Canadian rap superstar Drake now hold the keys to the castle to dethrone Jay. Also New York has new talent emerging too in the form of Marlon Craft.

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