The Internet made Mat Zo

Mat Zo

Like many dj’s, all have some form of musical talent with some having been classically trained in instruments like the piano. But if it had not been for the dramatic rise of the internet over the past 15 year’s then world may have been short of a few electronic beat wizards. Welcome to the stage…Mat Zo.

Matan Zohar (Mat Zo) was born in 1990 and before he knew it his family had moved stateside to Cleveland Ohio where he spent the majority of his younger years. Aged 11 the Zohar family moved back to London England and Matan found himself playing in a rock band with his brother. As he was growing up through his teens Matan made use of the internet and found internet radio. Unlike conventional radio Matan could tune into stations around the world and found himself exposed to a number of new genres. The genre that he found most interesting was a genre that was electronically produced and had a different feel to it.  From this point Matan knew that this was the type of music he wanted to be involved with.                    From here, Mat Zo the producer/Dj was born.

Without messing around Mat Zo found himself producing electronic beats and being inspired by the likes of Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers. After solidly producing for three years, putting his name out there and still being in his teens, Mat Zo started to build a reputation for himself and started getting spins and plays by other EDM Dj’s including world renowned Markus Schulz.

With the Mat Zo wave now starting to be ridden DJ magazine named Mat Zo as one of the hottest new talents to look out for in 2009. The following year (2010) he was named the 66th best in the world.

To categorise Mat Zo into one genre would be wrong with the talent he possesses, as he also produces and lets rip some Drum and Bass under the name MRSA. He releases these tracks on Hospital Records and yes, every pun indented.

We have seen Mat Zo a few times and besides the music we really like the energy that he brings to his sets and how he can change genre in an instant, leaving you in a euphoric dumbfounded state (that’s a good thing though!)

He has just released his debut album called, ‘Damage Control’ which we will soon be listening to.

Mat Zo is smashing the EDM world apart with his style and energy and the best thing is he’s only 23!

Mat Zo we salute you.

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