Ibiza 2014 Comes to a Close

Carl Cox At Space

For over 250,000 young British people Ibiza was home for 3-7 days. Even the Fashbox team made it out there this year and we can definitely say that we had a superb time. There are other hot destinations around Europe but why do so many young people like us travel to this Mediterranean Mecca called Ibiza?

From our own experience Ibiza is truly a magical experience, you can lose yourself very easily but also have the best time of your life. From the super clubs like Space and Amnesia to the beaches party with the beautiful girls and boys, there are memories to be made every second you are on the island. It’s even better when you know you can sit on the beach sippin’ on a cold one, with the music on in the background and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Besides us blabbing on about our time there, media outlet Vice has recently released a short documentary about the White Isle and looks into why the island has such a magnetism on young people. A little unknown fact that we picked up and is mentioned in a small way in the documentary is that the middle of the island is actually considered a tranquil paradise. Yes there is a middle part of the island!

Anyways let’s drink a beer to Ibiza 2014 and let’s get on the computer to book our flights for 2015!

Did you go to Ibiza this year? What’s your best memory from Ibiza 2014?

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