How much is your Tweet worth?

Celebrity Endorsed Tweets

Did you know that you could get mega rich in just 140 characters? Yep that’s right just one single tweet!

Well that’s if you’re a well know celebrity or sports start. It has been revealed that NBA superstar Lebron James gets paid just under £100,000 per tweet in relation to any endorsement that he does. A couple of those a year would set you up nicely. Could you get paid anymore than that for a single tweet…well yes sir you can.

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has 30 million twitter followers to his name and therefore a good audience for anything that he tweets about. Because of this large audience size it is said that he makes close to £160,000 per endorsed tweet and not to mention this is only his side income as he is paid a cool £14million a year to kick a leather sphere, aka a football, around on a square piece of grass (the pitch).

So what does this tell us? When you can make over £100,000 using 140 characters in less than a minute, then maybe we all need to figure our own way to do it.

What do you think to celebrity endorsed tweets? What are the best and worst celebrity tweets that you have seen?

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