Highest Paid Djs of 2014

Calvin Harris DJ

Well the results are here and the moneys been counted, the highest paid Djs list for 2014 is in the public domain.

These Djs are now making some serious coin and they are light years away from your average Tony Blackburn spinning on the one’s and two’s. Where has all the money come from?

Since North America has now fully embraced electronically produced music everything about this genre has blown up x100. Whether this has been for better or worse is down to your own personal beliefs but one thing is for certain, it has brought our generation together to have lots of fun and create lasting memories.

Anyways back to the music…

As you will see all of these Djs have crossed over and had commercial success. They have also produced a lot of music meaning that they are able to keep a bigger slice of the pie but if you have the skills to pay the bills then keep blasting out those tracks.

So here it is:


1.Calvin Harris – £40 million
2. David Guetta – £18 million
3. (TIE) Avicii – £17 million; Tiesto – £17 million
5. Steve Aoki – £14 million
6. Afrojack – £13 million
7. Zedd – £12 million
8. Kaskade – £10 million
9. Skrillex – £9.5 million
10. Deadmau5 – £9 million

What do you think of this list?    Did you expect this?      Let us know your thoughts and drop us a comment!

He didn’t quite make the list this year but check out our blog piece on British Trance Dj Gareth Emery. His sets are amazing and a Dj you should definitely go and see!!!

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