Heat on the Feet 001 – Adidas Iniki

Adidas Iniki Black

Oh my what can I say…Adidas have taken another classic and modernised it. Say hello the to the Adidas Iniki.

This will be a new feature to Fashbox as I review new, current and classic sneakers. With that said I’m really pleased to be starting with this piece of fire!

I am not going to go into much detail about these as I’ve done a video along with pictures (see below).

What I will say though is the shoe definitely takes inspiration from old style Adidas specifically the Dragon design. From that Adidas have put the Boost technology on the bottom, to give it that modern look and added comfort level. So if a NMD and a Dragon had a baby the Iniki would be the outcome.

It very much has the feel of an NMD quite flat and personally I would say that it is not as comfy as an Ultraboost but never the less still a comfortable shoe.

The name Iniki is actually a Hawaiian term meaning ‘sharp and piercing wind’. I’m not too sure about the wind part but yeh these definitely give you a sharp look which leads on to my next point.

The silhouette of this shoe is absolutely fire and I would say one of the best on the current trainer market. After the initial red and royal blue pairs were released, I knew that I had to get my hands on a pair. On the second release, which was a larger release it included different colourways and I went with the black (as you can see).

I went in store to Footlocker on the day of the release to get my pair as I knew these would sell out online straight away.

Are you rating these Adidas Iniki? Did you manage to get a pair?

Here’s the video review but first enjoy the visuals below!

Adidas Iniki Black

Adidas Iniki Black

Adidas Iniki Black

Adidas Iniki Black


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  1. Cory

    Great shots man, have fun tomorrow gutted I can’t make it.


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