Gareth Emery – From Politics to Dj Sets

Gareth Emery DJ

Gareth Emery is ripping up his latest North American tour playing more than twenty one sets spanning over a 3 month period. He has had a meteoric rise over the past 5 years, being proclaimed as one of the world’s top 10 Dj’s. Interestingly though if he hadn’t become a Dj, would we have seen Gareth making an appearance as a politician at 10 Downing Street? Might we have been calling him Gareth Emery MP?

Born and raised in Southampton for most of his life, Gareth became classically trained in piano and even played in a small punk band in the late 90’s which helped form his musical abilities. It was these groundings that helped Gareth nurture his talent to where it is today and it can be clearly heard in his music.

As a young adult Gareth studied at the world renowned University of Warwick and has a degree in politics but it was during these years where Gareth found a new interest in electronic music and he never looked back.

His break came in 2002 when Judge Jules played a track from a festival that was being broadcast live on BBC radio. Although it is argued, that the track that was released later in the year called ‘Mistral’ is the one that got everyone out of their chair and paying attention (more like dancing…haha).

Gareth releases his music off his own record label which is called Garuda, which also releases music for other big name Dj’s such as Ben Gold and Craig Connelly. The Garuda logo is a bid taken from Hindu/Buddhist mythology which is a true representation of his career. What we mean by this is, social media and the internet have allowed a global audience to listen and embrace the rise of electronic music. Its people like Gareth who career’s and creativity are soaring and in turn allowing the world to listen to incredible music.

Mr Emery has done a weekly podcast for a number of years which has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. During 2014 though he decided to call time on it to focus on other projects but one day we hope it comes back!

Gareth flies all over the world to play some absolute amazing sets (we know we’ve been to a few) but we think that Gareth Emery is only at the beginning of what he is capable of and that the best is yet to come.

Keep up the good work Mr Emery!!!

*Here’s something you may or may not have known but a certain Game of Thrones actor is a Dj too.