Game Of Thrones is now Rave Of Thrones?

Hordor / Kristian Nairn

Game Of Thrones…well where do we get started?

This series has gripped the attention of everyone here in the UK, young, old and everyone in between.  With everyone now on the Game Of Thrones band wagon hadn’t the nation gripping tv series better change things up to keep things spicey? How about Rave Of Thrones?

Well Hordor real name Kristian Nairn is actually a Dj as well as an actor and has decided that he is going to tour Australia, with his tour named ‘Rave Of Thrones’. If you are a Game Of Thrones fan the set that Kristian plays will feature special Game Of Thrones visuals and a list of special guests.

There you have it, one day you’re acting out some kick ass med evil scene, dressed like something out of Robin Hood. The next minute you’re a Dj playing to a crowd building them up for that dirty beat drop. Hopefully he will do a set wearing full Game Of Thrones attire plus sunglasses!

For people who can’t make this unique opportunity to see Hordor carve up Australia his work can be found on his Soundcloud channel.

If electronic dance music is your thing, then did you know one of the biggest trance dj’s actually went to university to study politics… not something you’d always expect!

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