Floyd Mayweather Jr – Boxing, Money and the Lifestyle

Floyd Mayweather Champion

With his rematch due this weekend against Marcus Maidana Floyd Mayweather Junior is looking to extend his unbeaten fighting record to 47-0. Once again incredible amounts of money are going to be made by Mayweather but it has not always been ‘Money May’ all day.

The Mayweather Family

Born in Grand Rapids Michigan, Floyd came from a large extended family but was a smile raiser from a young age. From the age of 3, Floyd was taken down to the boxing gym where his dad was training, meaning Floyd had boxing in his blood. His father was a successful pro and his uncle was a world champion at two weight classes. Even though Floyd spent a lot of time at the gym he also as a young teen enjoyed roller skating and would frequently hit the skating halls on the weekend with his cousins. Everything though was second to boxing. Family members say that Floyd did not have a normal up bringing as his dad would make sure he was training his hardest all day and all night.

Floyd’s Early Years

Floyd’s childhood also had a dark side to it, which meant he had to learn right from wrong fast. His mother was addicted to drugs and his father was a hustler.

With his grandmother stepping into his life in the absence of his mother and father, Floyd often says that his grandmother raised him and she gave him the strength and belief to stick with boxing. It was his grandmother that really noticed his talents and said that as he was different from the other kids. At 16 Floyd’s father was jailed for 3 years with Floyd stating that this was the turning point in his life, having to become a man and learning to support his family.

Fighting Career

From his amateur career (84-6), people could see that Floyd Mayweather Jr was going to be something special. He won 3 national championships at 3 different weight classes and was named ‘Pretty Boy’ by his fellow team mates. He was selected to represent Team USA at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta where he received a bronze medal but should have won gold.

At 19 Floyd moved to Las Vegas and made his professional debut in 1996, with his dad still in jail his uncle, Roger Mayweather became his trainer. Becoming world champion in 1997, Floyd’s defensive counter punching lightening speed style has allowed him to tactically pick apart any opponent put in front of him.

What is Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth?

As well as being a boxer Floyd is an all round entertainer and lives a very nice lifestyle. Mayweather’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $800million and posts pictures on social media of his expensive houses, cars, clothes and jewellery.  Even though Floyd surrounds himself with eye pleasing women he fails to be pinned down by marriage but has 4 children who he dearly loves and states they are one of the reasons he continues to fight to be the very best.

Controversy Surrounding Floyd

Being high profile Floyd has seen his fair share of trouble which has publically been documented. Once good friends with 50cent they now take snipes at each other with the relationship having soured. Floyd has also seen jail time, pleading guilty to charges against him in relation to a former partner. Earlier in 2014 Mayweather and his entourage got caught up in a bar brawl with the rapper T.I. 

His antics as a boxer at times have been called into question too. In the build up to previous fights against Ricky Hatton, Oscar Del Hoya and Victor Ortiz, many questioned whether Floyd had gone too far in his antics but on the other side of the coin people point out that he is a boxer and its part of his job.

Who will Floyd Fight Next?

Fighting-wise Floyd is now a seasoned pro and should really push to get to 50-0. After this fight we would love to see Floyd rematch Canelo Alvores, Amir Khan at Wembley and then the fight the world wants to see against Manny Pacquiao at the Big House in Floyd’s home state of Michigan. If you are reading this Mr Mayweather there’s your plan for your 3 remaining fights. Sources close to Pacquiao say that the fight is now in serious talks with a $300million figure surrounding the fight. If Mayweather was to win these three fights alone they would be career defining.

So what do we think of Floyd?

Floyd as a fighter and an athlete is unreal. His skill level, abilities and work ethic are A1. Anyone who wants to try and achieve something to the highest standard should take a leaf out of his book. Mayweather is very much a brand now especially to the boxing world just like Jordan is to the basketball world.

If you have watched any documentaries about Floyd outside of the world of boxing he is a caring, thoughtful and down to earth guy.

He is also a character he is a natural for the camera and yeh maybe some of his antics are over the top for some people but if you are able to do certain things (within reason) then why not, you’re only on this planet once. He is not ashamed to admit that he lives for Floyd Mayweather and no one else.

Love him or hate him Floyd Mayweather is the definition of an athlete and a hard working individual who came from a broken home to living in the biggest homes. Floyd is flashy and does have money but like anyone at the top he has had to work hard for it and make huge sacrifices. He is a remarkable story of someone who set himself a goal and is on the path to achieving it.

“When you talk about boxing, you’re talking Mayweather!” – Floyd Mayweather, 2014.

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