It Has Been an Eventful 20Twerking (2013)

Psy - Gangam Style

Another year has passed and wow it has gone extremely fast. It seems like only yesterday that it was the start of 2013.

In this week’s end of year blog we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting moments of this year and refresh your memory in case you had forgotten.



The first quarter of 2013 was hanging off the back end of 2012 but none the less two internet phenomenons went ridiculously viral. The first viral video was Psy’s Gangnam Style which, had everyone dancing around like they were riding horses. Psy, who was already a Korean pop star had now became a global sensation over night, with Gangnam Style being the most watched video on Youtube ever.

The second viral video that started 2013 off with a bang was the Harlem Shake. The Harlem shake brought masses of people together and saw them flapping around like fish out of water. Saying that though, the videos were extremely funny and we hope that there is a new dance craze coming in 2014.

Russia had an out of space contact experience! A huge meteorite broke through the earth’s atmosphere and fortunately enough landed in a large lake. The impact of the meteorite crashing into the earth was the equivalent of 30 nuclear warheads exploding.

Bitcoin made people rich! Bitcoin suddenly became very public after a few people started becoming very rich. Introduced to the world in 2009, Bitcoin is simply a digital currency. Many people when it was first introduced could not get their heads round the idea but some early adopters could. Some of these early adopters spent a couple hundred pounds and now in 2013 became millionaires!

April – June

In the secondDaft Punk quarter of the year there was a comeback for the gods of electronic beats, Daft Punk and their new album, Random Access Memory. Perhaps the aliens finally got fed up of them and brought them back down to earth. Or perhaps whilst on the aliens spaceship Daft Punk told the aliens that they were releasing a track with Pharrell Williams called,      ‘Get Lucky’ and needed to get back down to earth to shoot the video. Aliens or not ‘Get Lucky’ has arguably been the biggest hits of 2013 and is a nice little groovy number.

In May Sir Alex Ferguson stood down after a 25 year reign as Manchester United manager.  Even though we are not United fans here at Fashbox, we have to commend the effort that he put in and the amount of trophies he won. What is even more impressive is that the number of years that he kept his job with the hire and fire mentally, that seems to be common place in all types of professional sport.

Glastonbury 2013! For some, this Glastonbury was probably the best for a number of years because of the quality of the acts playing but also the weather was fantastic. This year’s headliners included, Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons.

July – Sept

We have already touched on it but this year’s festival season was probably the best in a number of years because Britain at long last got hit with a decent summer. Unfortunately we did see some sock and sandals combos, even worst sock and Croc combos. NO PEOPLE JUST NO!Avitar

Andy Murray decided he would win Wimbledon for a change, which was well over due as a British male hadn’t won the tournament in 77 years.

The first Ultra music festival was held in Croatia and went down a storm with big names playing such as Afrojack, Armin Van Buren and Cassette. 2014 early bird tickets have already been scooped up. So if you are planning on going, we would suggest you stay sharp as they will be going like hot cakes.

The most important part of the year in our eyes and yes we may be a little bias was ‘The launch of Fashbox’ on 1.9.2013. After a year of looking at our options and compiling information Fashbox was born. The response and love that we have been shown in a short period of time has been amazing and we are definitely building off the energy for 2014.



In the last quarter many events and happenings have taken place which has brought many highs and lows around the globe.

One of the worst storms known to the history of mankind hit the Philippines destroying several coastal town and villages. This was heart breaking to see, people’s livelihoods being smashed to pieces by nature in a matter of seconds. We hope that during the Christmas and New Year period the relief efforts continue to go positively.

The world also lost a great political and cultural icon in Nelson Mandela aged 95. He fought as a young man in South Africa for democratic rights to allow Black and White people the same privileges. Subsequently because some of his party’s more extreme protest methods he was sent to prison for 27 years. After he was freed he went on to become President of South Africa and brought a racially divided South Africa together as one.

Ending on a happier note Ron Burgandysaw the release of Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues. Finally Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team are back after a 9 year absence. The first film initially wasn’t a box office smash with it actually being labelled mediocre by the press at the time. The film instead grew into a cult hit which in the long run has probably made the film bigger in popularity then any box office smash. The second film sees Ron and the team move to New York City where he finds life and the culture a little different. Just remember though, “You stay classy Fashbox Family” (we had to get that one in).


So there you have it just a few of the things that have happened during 2013 in between Miley’s twerking and Kanye West’s weekly rants

2013 has been a really positive year for us here at Fashbox and like we said early we have had a great response so far. We want to thank all of our customers, fans and followers for taking the time to Buy, Like or Follow and have invested a little of your time in supporting Fashbox. It’s with your continued support that Fashbox will be able to keep bringing you fresh new exciting brands at affordable prices for the years to come. We have lots planned for 2014 and we cannot wait to get it started.

From all here at Fashbox have a very Happy New Year!