What is Crepe City & Why All the Hype?

Nike Air Mags

Crepe City is the UK’s and probably Europe’s biggest and most important independent trainer and clothing market there is.

From this event starting out with humble beginnings in 2009 when there was just and handful of sellers and 200 people in attendance to this past weekend where there was over 50 sellers and just shy of 6000 people through the gate.

Why is Crepe City so important?

Crepe City is hugely important to the trainer and streetwear culture because it allows for a culture to come together interact, move forward and grow. The event has also inspired other sneaker selling events around the country too.With the event now being held at the Truman Brewery, it is only 5 minutes away from Shoreditch high street, regarded as London’s epicenter of cool, young and alternative culture. 

Some may call the event a Hypebeast gathering but isn’t any fashion event? What I say is that it allows for people of all ages to come together connect, showcase, buy, sell or trade and look fashionable whilst doing it.

 The Round Up

I have been meaning to get to Crepe City for the last 3 years and finally I got the chance to go. For about £7 it was well worth the money and totally lived up to the expectations. The event was laced (no pun) with loads of rare sneaks and flooded with every Yeezy ever made.  Not only that but different independent streetwear brands were present and if you needed any Supreme gear…well you were in luck (Supreme Reseller Boys in the building). There were also sneaker artists, Djs and a food hall because that sneaker shopping leaves you hungry! Oh and by the way it’s mainly a cash only affair, so you better bring that duffle bag along with those shoe box stacks.

If you love trainers and want a day out, whether you live in London or further afield get yourself to the next event because you won’t be disappointed!

Did you make it to Crepe City? What was the best shoe that you saw there?

Here are some images that I got from the day. Enjoy

Yeezy 750

Signed Michael Jordan Shoe

Signed by Michael Jordan 

Adidas NMD

Anyone need a pair of Jordans?

Diamonds for your laces

Balenciaga Trainers

Yeezy 350 v2 Zebra

Trainers at Crepe City

Harry Potter the Sneaker Reseller

Harry Potter is even in the trainer game

Trainer Reseller

Sneakers at Crepe City

Yeezy 350 V2 for daaaays

Air Yeezy

Nike Air Mags

Drop a comment if you realize what the freaky coincidence is in this photo

I also checked out these sneaker events  Laces Out, Sneaks & Peaks and Sneaker Con and also got some sikk visuals from each event, let me know what you think!

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