British Music Festivals set the Standard

Summer Music Festival

You can’t beat a good music festival in the UK especially when British summer time is as good as this!

UK music festivals have become such a global bench mark, that the current UK music festival market is estimated to be worth about £4bn, with it set to rise to £6bn within the next five years.

Music festivals without stating the obvious are important to all types of music artists both new and established but have also created opportunity for independent traders from all walks of life. Whether it’s selling ice cream, sunglasses or flip flops festivals have allowed young entrepreneurs to express themselves through their creations. Furthermore festivals have been directly responsible for the rise of urban wear, and the adoption of independent brands.  Some independent streetwear clothing brands have made themselves serious house hold names such as HYPE and Silk Silk because music festivals. Likewise festivals have become fashion shows in their own right, hence the term ‘festival fashion’.


With some music festivals having now been and gone in 2014 like Glastonbury, Wireless and Global Gathering, there’s still time to add a couple of items to your festival clothing collection from our store for the festivals that are left, or even if you’re heading to a festival abroad.


We had a think here at Fashbox and to be honest this is our perfect festival formula:


Sun+ Good Music+ Couple of Tipples + Friends = Priceless Memories


If you’ve been to a festival this year, which one did you go to? Who were your favourite acts? If you’re waiting to go to one, who are you looking forward to seeing?



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