Bonhams To Auction Rare Japanese Whiskeys

Rare Japanese Whiskey

Single, blended, cask strength and single cask are all types of what…Whiskey. For all of our whiskey loving blog readers this is one that you won’t want to miss out on as we will explain a little later.

Usually when we think of Whiskey a lot of people automatically think of Ireland or Scotland as the liquor has its European historical roots embedded into these countries culture. Although probably the biggest whiskey consumers and drinkers in the world are the Japanese. That said over the past 15 years Japanese produced Whiskey has seen a rapid expansion.

World famous auction house Bonhams who are located in Hong Kong have an assortment of 250 rare Japanese Whiskeys and now they are going under the hammer. The collection includes some rare 50 year old from Yamazaki and therefore this auction is one not to be missed for the true whiskey connoisseur. With some bottles estimated to be worth upwards of £20,000 the auction will take place in February, so that Christmas money your Nan gave you may come in handy.

Are you a whiskey sipper? If so what’s your brand and why?

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