Air Max Day – Should Be Every Day!

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Well it’s getting close to that time of year again. No not Easter and no not St Patrick’s Day either, we’re talking about Nike Air Max Day. Air Max Day will be taking place on 26th March 2017, where fans of the shoe and or Nike can come together and celebrate the classic Air 1 or the modern Thea.

So where did it all begin? The first Nike Air line was released by Nike in 1987 and was designed by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. More to the point the Air Max 1 would feature Nike’s patented ‘Air’ technology which set the benchmark in comfort and branding. Not only that the branding of Nike Air would give Nike’s competitors a headache for the next 20 years, as the air technology has been the shit!

Throughout the years Nike would continue to release new versions with the next significant players in the air max family being the 95s and the 97s. These shoes again featured the air technology but it was done in a way so that the air bubble we saw was the whole length of the sole.

So what about the day itself? For Air Max lovers it’s just about getting together wearing your favourite pair and sharing good vibes with fellow sneakerheads. Some vendors sell air max lapel pins or sew on patches to put on your bags to show your appreciation. If you want to take the day a step further by all means throw a full party with the dress code stating Air Max only.

However over the years some people have had a moan about the ever changing design of the Air Max one saying that it wasn’t itself anymore. That said, Nike have listened and went back to the original design of the shoe and are bringing this classic (hands down our favourite) back to life. This release of the ‘Air Max 1 – 2.0 Air Max Day’ is set to release on the 16th March 2017.

Do you agree that the Air Max 1 is the best Air Max ever made? Drop us a comment below?

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