Adrien Broner – Boxing’s Biggest Lost Champion

Adrien Broner

Who is Adrien Broner?

Adrien Broner or AB as he is better known by, is a 28 year old a former 4 weight world boxing champion and currently holds a record of 33 wins and 2 losses. But it’s the extra circular activities around these loses that AB is more famous for and the reason that I have been drawn into writing this post.

Adrien is a twin and was born in Cincinnati Ohio and his love of boxing started at the age of six. There is not a lot of information on his early life but what we do know is that he came from a very hard background and had bad influences around him. Due to that he did jail time when he was 17. However throughout the trouble he has an amateur boxing record of 300wins and 19 loses and won two silver gloves championships in 2003 and 2005.

Professional Career

Broner turned professional in 2008 and amassed 6 fights in that year however one was ruled a no contest and resulted in disqualification. Three years later and against John Revis, Broner picked up his first world title (WBC lightweight title). Over the next four years his career would take off with him collecting more world titles, fame and money. Unfortunately this is where the wheels would start to destabilize.

Many touted Adrien Broner, including himself, to take up the undefeated P4P throne once Floyd Mayweather had retired but this came to a thudding holt when defeated by Marcus Maidana in 2013 and Shawn Porter in 2015.

Broner’s Problems

Broner has been arrested several times over the past 3 years with him serving jail time on two occasions albeit short for; contempt of court and also breaching probation terms. During April 2017 he went to jail after he was caught up in a shooting with Broner being the victim. As Broner went to report the incident whilst in Kentucky, it would be outstanding warrant from 2014 that would show up against his name and leading him to being arrested. He was released shortly after posting a bond.

Broner has made his partying lifestyle very public from his About Billions YouTube channel, being seen to party and eat burgers just days before a fight. Along with his partying lifestyle a leaked video surfaced of him having unprotected sex with two women which he publically got ridiculed for and later he did make a public apology.

With all the above and more most would say that his boxing performances have been sub standard and has not lived up to the fighter that he was projected to be.

What’s next for Adrien Broner?

Adrien needs to smarten up that what’s next! But on a serious note it really is a shame, to see an incredible talent like him make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. AB needs to take himself away from the spotlight and even off social media for a while and focus on his boxing and his family, as he is the father of 5 kids.

At times we have seen glimpses of a real maturity managing himself and situations really well. What would be good to see is his Youtube channel focused around his training (as he is a gym freak) and an insight into projects that he is helping with for less fortunate kids. I think the fans would appreciate this too.

If Broner doesn’t drop the getting money attitude then he’s never going to become a great champion. I hate to break it to you Adrien but we’re all getting money whether it’s pennies to thousands it’s a factor that many people share in common. However the difference is in the fact that not everyone has the chance to become a boxing world champion, unify a division, have their name written in history and remembered as a legend of the sport.

Also perhaps AB needs to distance himself from Floyd Mayweather and take his own direction as Floyd seems to easily goad AB into reactions at times.

Sure Adrien is 28 and as I’m sat here I’m in my late twenties too and I totally understand that yes he wants to live life, flex and party as we’re only here once but there is a time and a place.

This is not a ‘shots fired’ at AB post, it’s a make the most of your talents post. Furthermore I would love to write piece in four years time saying that he is pound 4 pound best fighter in the world, turned everything around and unified a division. Until that time though this tarnished reputation and known for the wrong reasons post stands.

What are your thoughts on Adrien Broner? Is he lost? Drop a comment below!

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