Adidas Ultra Boost – Boosting Image and Comfort

Adidas Ultraboost Olympic Pack Bronze

Just a quick question…Have you ever walked on clouds before? No, well get yourself a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost pronto. These trainers are the closest thing you will get. Seriously it’s as if you were walking on the staircase of heaven.

Anyways the Adidas ultra boost is the brand’s most technological but fashionable shoe to date. The shoe itself is a ‘sock shoe’ meaning that the shoe has no traditional tongue or stitch seams like most other trainers. It literally fits like a glove. Due to the trainer fitting this way and is snug to the foot, lacing is not necessarily needed for casual day to day stuff. However these shoes can be worn for workout purposes too so yeh laces are still needed.

Ultra Boost Material Make Up

The material of the main body of the trainer is Adidas’ patented Primeknit material, which is a comfortable sports wool and really durable. The boost material was originally developed around 2007 and was kept under lock and key for a long time. The material is a highly elastic thermoplastic which in its original form is a bunch of small pellets. What is unique about the material is that it is super springy, super soft and more importantly lightweight. Due to the boost pellets being individual pieces they could not be glued together, so every boost sole that you see has been welded together with steam.

When the technology first came out everything was done in limited runs, which was putting a big resale value on shoes. However it was revealed by John Wexler (the person directly responsible for bring Kanye to Adidas and a Adidas higher up) that the brand with the three stripes, had some form of involvement with NASA in developing the material and that only so much of it could be made at once.

The boost material and we’re saying this first, is Adidas’ answer to Nike’s Air Technology. Think about it…it really is.

The Round Up

From my experience the Ultra boost are a dream come true and yes I ended up buying more than one pair. Originally these sneaks were going to be worn doing casual stuff but due a change in living locations my ultra boosts became everyday beaters (not the pair in the pic though).

Boost is here to stay which is great and the technology is making an appearance across several different Adidas product lines, with it also being recently featured on the new Iniki trainer (which are sikk).

With the new 3.0 editions having been recently released we strongly recommend that you buy a pair and give yourself a boost in life!

Which have been your favourite Ultraboost 1.0, 2.0 or the 3.0? Chime in and drop a comment below.

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