Adidas i5923 Sneaker Review (with Pics) – Heat on the Feet 005

Adidas i9523

Here we go ladies and gents the Adidas i5923 which has been around for a while but it was previously in the form of the Adidas Iniki. Yes, that is right, the i5923 is not really a new sneaker at all, it just had a rename.

The reason for its renaming is because during 2017, Adidas had a law suit filed against the company due to using the name ‘Iniki’. Adidas had filed for trademark but it was too late somebody, had beat them to it.

As I’ve already done a post on the OGs that I have, I won’t do a massive write up on these, however these sneakers have taken inspiration from classic Adidas silhouettes that have been remastered and now has Boost added to it. The i5923 has been successful and had a number of limited edition collabs including:

  • Neighbourhood
  • Sneakernstuff
  • Bape

i9523 Sizing

In terms of sizing and the i5923 being true to size…umm yes and no. I got the OGs in a UK size 9 and after a while, I did start to think that they were possibly a touch small but still wearable. When I got the new pair though, I did notice that the heal support has more padding so you may want to size up. However, my advice would be to buy from a retailer that does half sizes, whether that means that you have to buy online instead of going in-store then so be it.

So, without further ado, these are the Adidas i5923 on feet, in the grey/white colourway with the bronze lace aglets. 

Shoutout to Adam Goss for co direction of this shoot. More of Adam’s work can be found on his website

If you copped some of these let me know in the comments below if you rate them and I’ll catch you for the next HOTF 006.


Adidas i9523

Adidas i9523 side

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