All Aboard The 2014 Train

Germany World Cup Winner

It only just feels like yesterday that we were sat down discussing the highlights of 2013 and here we are now summing up 2014. For us 2014 may have been one of the fastest years to date, so here is a little snap shot of what happened during this monumental year.



rita ora ice bucket challenge

Well we kicked off the year on a cold note. Actually it wasn’t that bad at all, millions of people decided to pour ice water over themselves in the ‘ALS Ice Bucket challenge’ which helped raised money for charity. 

Kanye West had too many moments throughout the year to list but he designed the most anticipated sneaker of the year which was released in February. The final instalment of the Yeezy 2 collection called Red October was meant to be released in October 2013 but it never happened. Nike casually released them with no prior warning and caught every sneakerhead by surprise and yes the rumours are true a pair sold on Ebay for £90 grand.

After Simon Cowell did the ultimate robbery on his best friend, 9 months we saw the arrival of the Cowell baby.

We also had the 2014 Winter Olympics which was held in Sochi, Russia. Not only was it the warmest winter Olympics on record but also the most expensive. Maybe the fireworks display at the end had something to do with that?


April – June

Germany World Cup Winner  In April there was sad news when it was announced Peaches Geldof daughter of Sir Bob Geldof had died. Secretly battling heroin addiction, Peaches left a Husband and two young children.

 There was also drama brewing over the Atlantic when TMZ released footage showing Solange Knowles sister of Beyonce,attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in a lift. The motivates for this attack will never be known.

Eurovision threw Europe a massive curve ball when the Eurovision winner was a man…no lady… wait a man. Well anyways the   winner was dressed in a dress and had a beard. Congrats Conchita Wurst on firstly winning and secondly confusing 90% of the   people watching.

  But definitely on the subject of men, Germany won the 2014 football world cup in Brazil, but sadly England did not make it out of   the group stages. We know, we know we’ll leave that subject there.



Calvin harris DJ

Cheryl (Cheryl Cole) decided that she would become French and in a low key ceremony married a dashing French chap who’s surname is along as the alphabet.

The world was saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams who was a much loved comic actor and starred in many films including Jumanji, Patch Adams, Hook and was the iconic voice of Genie in Aladdin.

Calvin Harris was named as this year’s highest earning Dj. With the release of his new album and therefore a new track in the charts every week of the summer, the flying Scotsman is this year chilling with a cool £40million.

Most people ask about Floyd Mayweather’s net worth and it went up considerably this year by $200million when he fought Marcus Miadana twice. Not bad for just over two hours work and he also took the honour of the highest paid athlete in 2014.

In September the latest Apple phone, iphone 6 was released in both normal and bloody massive sizes. Regardless of the size the phone has been received well by customers with it being Apple’s best selling phone to date.


Oct- Dec

the interview starring Seth RoganYou know when you are getting old to a degree when two modern day sporting legends decide to retire from sport. Jonny Wilkinson and Thierry Henry decided to call time on their playing careers but both have joined Sky Sports as commentators, probably for a nice pay packet too. One thing that they both have in common is that they are both world cup winners in their respective sports.

 Sir Bob Geldof gets his second mention this year and during November released Band Aid 30. The Band Aid line up       included; One Direction, Sam Smith, Bastille, Ellie Goulding and many more. Money raised from the single is to help   with the fight against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

And finally… The Interview. During December it has been a big media talking point around the controversial film featuring Seth Rogan and friends, which depicts the fictional assassination of the North Korean leader. After the film   was pulled from main stream theatres by Sony, it was released in independent screens and leaked on Youtube on Christmas Day.

Most importantly, Fashbox reached its first Birthday has been part of different fashion events and made some great new friends along the way. With new brands lined up and more events coming up, 2015 is going to put Fashbox on the map. On that note we cannot thank our customers enough and it’s through your continued support that we will keep going that extra mile to bring you great independent urban brands.

So there you have it 2014 here today gone tomorrow. We hope you have had a superb 2014 and let’s make 2015 even better.

Love, peace and sayonara.

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